Scottish Kilt offers exceptional, custom-made kilts for a fraction of the price of competitors. The online kilt shop stands out for: Offering Quality at a Discount Price Based in Brooklyn, New York, Scottish Kilt has partnered with a factory in Pakistan to have every kilt made by skilled tailors at a reduced price. Our factory was picked by our team due to their ability to produce luxurious, high-end kilts while minimizing costs. We’re able to pass the savings along to our customers, making custom-made kilts incredibly affordable. An Unbeatable Selection of Kilts Scottish Kilt shop offers a wider selection of kilts than competitors. In addition to traditional Tartan Kilts, we feature modern kilts, Utility Kilts and Wedding Kilts for men plus Kilts For Women, kids and Babies Kilts. We have kilts to suit every person’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Luxurious Fabrics Only the best quality fabrics go into every one of the kilts sold at Scottish Kilts.


For our utility kilts, we use 100 percent sapphire cotton, a fabric that offers the softness and breathability of natural cotton but with an ultra rugged, abrasion-resistant weave that holds up against wear and tear. A Made-to-Measure Fit When you purchase a kilt from Scottish Kilt, your kilt is custom made for you according to your exact specifications. This guarantees that you’ll get an optimal fit and allows you to customize your kilt by choosing features like the color of the hardware. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction At Scottish Kilt, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We offer a Love It or Burn It quality policy–if you’re not thrilled with the quality of our kilt, burn it and send us a photo or video for a full refund.